Personally, I feel that Japanese R&B with the power to win over the masses has been around since Utada Hikaru. The song I thought was particularly great on this album was "I'd Rather Die". The lyric and melody of the part "I'd rather have you than three meals / I'd rather say goodbye to you like this / I'd rather die" is really great. I was really fascinated by the fact that such a love song existed. The lyrics are straightforward, but it's not straightforward at all. On the other hand, the sound is not straight, but it sounds straight. This gap gap. They're supposed to have a lot of weapons, but they look so clean and uncluttered, it's like, where the hell are they hiding their weapons? It's like, "Where in the world are you hiding your weapons? It's really strange. I can't do it, and I admire it.


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